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        Green Baby -- Silver(Motor Bikes)

        green baby-silver

        • Model No: Green Baby
        • Factory Location: Taiwan
        • Sample Request: No
        • Target Markets: Worldwide

        Detail Information

        Description :

        High cost performance
        - Good quality with low price.
        - With oil prices getting higher and higher, “Green baby” provides all motorcyclists a good opportunity to save energy as well as to be economical consumers.

        - Portable battery
        - Battery trolley with handle.
        - Short charging time.
        - High loading weight.

        Good protection
        - To avoid electric leakage.
        - To reduce expenditure of energy.
        - To avoid scald.

        - Water-proof: Wading depth: 20cm/Max
        - Special devices: A serial number for anti-theft and portable battery cover which has air-tight wrapping.

        - Zero pollution.
        - Low noise.
        - Zero fuel consuming.

        Specification :

        Please refer to the attached file for the further details.

        Green Diamond Power Incorporation

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