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        Yomura Technologies Inc.

        In Mold Decoration (IMD) and 2 Color Shot in Jection.


        New Light Pipe Product Design & Co-Design Engineering Services

        Light Pipe

        • Model No: N/A
        • Factory Location: Taiwan
        • Sample Request: No

        Detail Information

        Description :

        Our R&D Dept. has a team of professional & competent mechanical engineers to provide the design & engineering services for you. Make your concept to be realized into the valued commodities/products.
        We will protect your idea or invention with backing up in writing with our client confidentially(Non-disclosure Document). Prototype, SLA, mock up sample, Rapid mold, Pilot Run Sample (50-200pcs) for your sales promotion in the earlier stage.

        Customer's Idea/Invention Product DesignMock-up Samples or SLAMechanical DrawingTooling Try Shot Samples Approva Mass Production Valued Products/Commodities Marketing/Sales & Services.

        Specification :

        We can produce any sizes and styles as your requests, welcome OEM & ODM.

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