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SynPower Energy Equipment(Jiangsu)Co.,Ltd.

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Constant force crane

The main features of the hanger of the constant force
Keep constant within the range of the entire displacement and load adjustment (2%);
Low resistance, using ball bearings to reduce resistance;
The displacement direction is always along the symmetrical linear direction, the connection point and the load are in a straight line, and the deviation will not occur, and the torque will not be generated on the connector.
The adjustment range of the load is large (adjustable range: 40%-100%). Give the user greater adjustment allowance;
Using the aged spring, the performance is stable and the error is less than 2%. And the corrosion protection layer is added, and the anti-corrosion performance is good.
There are many specifications and wide range of products. The load range is 0.1KN-400KN, and the maximum range can reach 900mm.
The use of standard components, users can choose matching according to the requirements of the working conditions, and can also use more than two single hangers.
Small in size and light in weight. There is only one hanging point that can be rotated to avoid collision. The installation is simple and convenient.
The use of professional software, user design, selection is very convenient and quick;
With stroke (mm) and load (KN) scale, it is easy to adjust and check when installing.
Long life (more than 40 years), life-long without maintenance;
A quick delivery. Keep a certain amount of stock, can be delivered quickly;
Because the installation management is both convenient and time saving, the comprehensive economic benefit is good.
The unique design of the constant force hanger type
The structure of the constant force type hanger structure of the power equipment (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. is unique. It uses three groups of high quality springs, through accurate calculation of the transmission device designed to achieve constant force in the prescribed load and displacement interval, and always ensure the vertical direction of the force, which is an advanced international structural form. Its performance is far more than the products of other factories in China. There is a marked scale on the panel of the supporting hanger, which can directly read the displacement and load values of cold and hot states. All the hangers before the factory are locked in the cold position with red block. After the installation and water pressure test, it is taken out and on the side of the earrings.
It adopts special spring stable performance
For the support hanger, the spring is the most important part, which directly determines the long-term stability and safety performance of the support and hanger. Our company adopts special processing technology (spring pre relaxation treatment) and anticorrosion treatment, so that the performance of spring is much better than that of general product.
The constant force hanger form
There are 3 basic forms and 43 different load and travel combinations of the constant force hangers produced by the design of building blocks.
The standard design of the constant force crane working range of 0.1KN-400KN, the maximum stroke of up to 900mm. At the same time, according to the special requirements of the customer, the non - standard design can be carried out to meet the special requirements of the users.
The main specifications of the constant force hanger type
11 series: single set of constant force support hangers; 12-14 series: multiple groups of constant force support hangers; 16 Series: constant force support.
Standard product performance: the maximum load is up to 400KN; the stroke is 900MM; the load deviation is + 3% (VGB Standard + 5%), up to + 2%.
The constant force hanger type test
According to the requirements of customer orders, each constant force type hanger is set, tested, and a separate performance test report is issued. To ensure that each factory products meet the requirements of the standard.
The spring hanger function
In order to prevent external force directly into the piping system, normal thermal displacement of the pipeline and other fittings must avoid obstacles and restrictions, so the pipeline must be elastic suspension or support according to certain rules, when the pipeline thermal displacement is small, can replace the constant spring hanger hanger play this role. The allowable load deviation is usually limited to 25% of the working load. When it exceeds this range, the constant force hanger is adopted. The constant force hanger can achieve constant force suspension and support in the whole travel range.
The characteristics of the spring hanger
As for the spring hangers and the hangers, the design principles of all spring designs strictly comply with the relevant provisions of the international standard MSS SP58 and VGB-R510L. Special heat treatment process (spring pre relaxation treatment) and special surface corrosion prevention of epoxy resin coating were used. The shell is formed by cold extrusion and no weld. After special treatment, the spring support hanger has long service life and good corrosion resistance.
The product structure of the advantages are summarized as follows:
No welding (model 20, 21, 27)
All electroplating surfaces
A spring with special pre relaxation treatment and corrosion prevention surface treatment
The built-in prestress setting system
Adjustable locking system
Diversified forms of connection
The main specifications of the spring hanger
21 series: spring hangers
25 series: spring hangers
29 series: spring bracket
20 series: articulated spring support
27 series: damping spring
Load setting and lock - spring hangers
The spring support hanger of the power equipment (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. is preset to the installation load in the factory and locks in the double direction of the displacement. The factory setting is carried out on the checked electronic control test machine and has the following characteristics:
- spring crane factory setting engraved on the nameplate;
Install position mark on the travel scale;
The position and hot position of the cold state are marked with white and red marks in the travel scale.
The locking device can be locked at any position after unlocking, and the device can be reinserted at any position.
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