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        • Posted Date : 2020-03-28
        • Expiry Date: 2020-09-28

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        Jiangsu Jiechen Hardware Products Co., Ltd. specializes in the development and production of stainless steel curtain wall accessories, stainless steel columns, stainless steel invisible manhole covers, blind road nails, gap-type gutters and other products!
        Jiechen Hardware has always practiced the spirit of going all out and working together, establishing a sound and complete quality management system, and using innovative materials to make innovative and unique products through high-quality materials. Provided to customers, not only that, in the 15-year iterative product upgrade, Jiechen Hardware has completed various personal requirements of customers. The products are exported to Spain, Germany, Nigeria, South Africa, Kuwait and other countries. Trustworthy and long-term partner of design institutes and contractors.
        In 2019, Jiechen Hardware's single-year sales exceeded 100 million, and completed a "one-stop" industrial chain service that integrates design, product budget, production, construction, and after-sales service for thousands of customers!
        Standing at a new high starting point, in 2020, Jiechen Hardware will continue to improve its R & D strength, meet new customer demands with new products and technologies, and continue to shoulder honors and responsibilities as before, and adhere to independent innovation to guide industrial upgrading and realize industrial value. The link of the chain continues to make high-level transitions, helping contractors to efficiently promote various types of engineering projects, ensuring that the project projects are presented with high quality and high level!